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You know how it is these days: items are created cheaply elsewhere, imported, and advertised as original products. Things don't appear to be created the same way they used to be, and it may be difficult to know where to place your trust.

We never ever lost touch with true jewelry craftsmanship at Copy Cartier Shop. Our family has been making customized jewelry in our own studio for three generations. Our standards have remained unchanged throughout the years and continue to represent our passion for creating beautiful things.

Our Services

Pots & plates.

We create beautiful pots, plates, vases, and multiple other products from scratch and then add beautiful details.

Stacking Dolls

Stacking dolls are a classic that never gets out of people's interest and love. We create them using recycled wood and natural paint.


Figurines are a great way to decorate your house, room, or any area that you like. They're also great for kids to play with since we use non-toxic material.


Ranked as no.1 in our requested items, we create handmade jewelry for everyone. You can also communicate your request, and we will create something specifically for you.

Wall Decor

The hippie and vintage style is very trendy at the moment, That's why we create cute wall decor in the shape and color that you would prefer.


This is actually our latest addition, handmade bejeweled wallets. They're created from recycled material, and they're 100% handmade.

why Choose Us

We know and understand that time is crucial and limited for everybody. If we get a request for you and we settle on a time period, then that period will be respected and followed through until the end.
Creativity is what fuels our services and products. We create unqiue content which requires creative minds and a whole lot of thinking.
Our team is hghly experienced and specialised in what they do. They're kind and frienly but also very professional.
We do home deliveries and the cost of transportation is fully covered by us.
Our products have no expiry date. We pride ourselves in quality and that's why we manage to stay on top of the game for so long.

Our artists

Melissa Bush


Melissa is in charge of everything that has to do with pottery and clay. She creates pots, plates, vases, figurines, and everything else specifically requested by our clients.

Martina Carlo


With the hundreds of requests, we get we need a good designer to sketch everything. She's the first step and one of the most important ones in the process.

Sarah Jackson


Sarah has a very sharp eye when it comes to jewelry and details. She created perfect designs with unique tools and materials.

Ciara James


Ciara handles our workflow and makes sure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan.

Our happy customers

Hilton Broad

I am very fond of unique and cute things like the ones that Copy Cartier Shop creates. I have decorated my whole house with handmade crafts and 80% of them are from this place.

Steve Philips

I am most impressed with the quality of the products. Everything is very enduring and pretty at the same time. I have a wallet from them, and it has lasted me for over five years now with not a single damage.

James Carlo

I believe that handmade crafts make the best gifts for your loved ones. You're certain that what you're getting is unique and that no one else will get it.




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